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On the Road Again

Roads you will never forget. Episode 12: Scottish Highlands

Up into the green highland landscape.

The route begins in Perth at the River Tay and runs through 50 kilometres of unspoilt highlands to Aberdeen, Scotland’s third-larg- est city. After you pass the 20-kilometre mark, which is at the river by Blairgowrie, the countryside becomes increasingly desert- ed. From here onward you can get your fill of primordial rivers and the many shades of green found in the mountains. Braemar, a village tucked away in the highland forests, is perched 1,110 metres above sea level. There is little traffic here, which means you can relax and enjoy endless views of lush meadows. A visit to the castle in Braemar should not be missed. Built in 1628, re- placing an earlier building, the castle once served as a hunting lodge for the Earls of Mar. From Braemar, a 30-minute drive takes you to the town of Ballater, which is near Balmoral Castle, the summer residence of the Royal Family. After Aboyne and Bancho- ry, our destination, Aberdeen, comes into view.


In spring. The temperatures in May hover around a mild 14 degrees and—from a statistical perspective—there is not much rainfall and the most hours of sunshine.


Patience. Sheep bear their young in April and May, and the lambs often get comfortable on the warmed asphalt roads —along with the rest of the flock.


Left-hand driving applies here. Highland roads often consist of only one lane with few places for passing. Pet- rol stations are usually closed on Sundays.